Delivery and Payment


Depending on stock availability, we will normally deliver your order within a week for accessible area within 150 km radius from our location.   For provincial and regional orders, upon our client's preference, we can ship via various cargo forwarder or courier either by air, sea or by bus company. 

Payment over the counter to any MetroBank (MBTC) branches:

Please ensure the following details are indicated on the MBTC green Payment Slip for payment made over the counter:

  1. Company Name : JEIDA FARMS
  2. Subscriber Name :  Your customer name as printed on our/Jeida Invoice Example : "XYZ Farm"
  3. Reference Number : <Optional> - Jeida Invoice # Example : "54321"
  4. Subscriber No : Your assigned Customer # (Printed on every invoice) Example : "1234567"
  5. Telephone No :  Contact number where we can reach you

Note : No Bank Charge for payment over the counter using Metrobank green payment slip.

Payment over the counter to any Banco de Oro (BDO) branches: 

  • Account Number : 000570115108        Account Name : Jeida Farm Supply Corp.

Note : Bank Charge may apply for BDO 

*** Kindly notify us for any payment made over the counter either by Metrobank or BDO 

Payment Online:

Payments may be made online using Metrobank Net Banking.  You have to enroll with your respective MBTC branch for access to their online banking.

Login to Metrobank Website : to enroll Jeida as new biller.  Upon logging in, choose “Pay Bills”, then click on “Register a new Biller”

Enter the following information:

  1. Select a Service Provider : Scroll down on the selections and choose “Jeida FarmSupply Corp.
  2. Enter the Subscriber / Account No. :  Your assigned Jeida Customer Number  Example: “1234567” (7 digits)
  3. Enter the Reference No. :  Your name as it appear on our Invoice Example : “XYZ Farm” 
  4. Enter the Phone No. : Contact number where we can reach you

Then click “Continue”  to enroll us as biller to your personal banking profile.

After you have successfully registered us as new biller,  use the option "Pay Bills" to make online payment.